Who is Emmanuel Naweji?

He is passionate about helping with personal and organizational growth, drawing on proven and practical methods. With lots of experience in ministry, doctoral training and as an trained coach, Emmanuel guides, mentors and equips people with skills to lead, influence and live at their best.

Yes, I want to work with Emmanuel

Here are ways Emmanuel can serve you....

  • Read Blog

    Emmanuel publishes weekly blog posts and videos to offer you tips and insights, which will help you live at your best.

    Read blog
  • Grow Your Church

    Emmanuel guides, mentors and equips Churches helping them define their mission and values, as well as clarify on a personalized path to help them make disciples of Jesus Christ.

    Grow your Church
  • Grow Your Organization

    Emmanuel works with companies that have a culturally diverse work environment. He works with managers (supervisors) and employees to develop a plan that builds up healthier teams for organizational growth.

    Grow your organization
  • Healing Retreats

    Emmanuel hosts healing retreats. Through these healing workshops, he teaches people how to experience personal healing. He also teaches them how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle, based on the Bible and Christian faith.

    Healing Retreats