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Prayer Life Changes You Into A Winner

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Prayer is a practice that changes lives. And, that’s what I’ll be sharing about with you for the next three to four weeks starting today. 

In today’s article, I plan on telling you all about the power of prayer and how it can change your life. 

Let me begin stating what prayer is not. 

What prayer is not

Prayer doesn’t consist of a set of techniques or formula to help you get what you want. Also, prayer isn’t like playing lottery or gambling. What I mean by this is that prayer isn’t putting your fate or future into the hands random chance. Finally, prayer doesn’t work like an ATM. You swipe your card, input your PIN number, and then receive what you’ve requested. To help you better understand the power of prayer, let me ask you to turn to Matthew 7: 7-11. I’d however encourage you to read the entire chapter on your own time. But, before studying our Scripture, let me point out three things, based on the verses before and after our text:

  • Don’t judge yourself as you come into a time of prayer. Read verses 1-6. Jesus doesn’t want us to be judgmental of others our ourselves. We are all welcome to prayer!
  • Prayer empowers you to live by the Golden Rule. What you want others to do for you, you first do it for them. That’s the golden rule. Prayer empowers you to be less judgmental of yourself and others. It enables you to love and invite other people into a life of prayer. 
  • chevron-rightPrayer empowers you to bear healthy and good fruit. In verses 15-20, Jesus is talking about trees and fruits. The way I read it is that prayer can empower you to be a good and healthy tree so that you bear good and healthy fruit. 

Prayer is so powerful that it can change you into somebody that you’ve never been before. That’s what you learn from Matthew 7: 7-11, and which I describe in the following lines. 

prayer changes you into a winner

When you pray, God changes you into a winner!Prayer in itself doesn’t do much. It becomes very powerful because of God to whom you should be praying. It’s God, the Maker of heaven and earth, who changes you into a winner. God has won all your battles: the ones you’re facing now and those you’ll encounter later in life. What is happening now is that you’re replaying what’s been done already.


  • Pray verbally by confessing and proclaiming your victory through faith in Christ. This way of praying is to talk to God by requesting, begging or making a petition to God. It’s calling on God for something you desire.  
  • Pray through journaling. Some people write down their prayers. I’m not one of them. I usually pray through spoken words. That’s my preference, but you can do what’s feel right for you. 
  • Pray in silence. You can also pray in silence. God listens to your heart and mind. This kind of prayer requires attention and real engagement from you.   

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prayer turns you into an achiever

Prayer makes you an achiever! It’s that you can find all the strength you need in life. You can do so much, and beyond your imagination. Christ strengthens you through prayer so that you can be who God intended you to be. Prayer empowers you to make things work. Again, prayer by faith in Jesus Christ enables you to experience God’s power in life.

  • It takes some personal discipline to pray. Prayer is difficult in the beginning. But, the more you do pray, the easier it gets. You can make your prayer life easier. The desire to seek God’s face grows more as you keep praying. What you’ve got to do is to start praying today. 
  • Thrive for what you desire or think is right for you and other people. You’re willing to attempt things you never dreamed of doing before.  
  • Open yourself up to learning more about God and yourself. Prayer takes you to a place where you want to study, examine and explore more about faith and your relationship with God. Prayer deepens your personal relationship with God. It’s the best way to personally get to know God more!

prayer makes you unstoppable

When you ask and seek with all your heart and soul, God places you on a path that leads you to an open door. 

There’s always an open door. Prayer is the only means that can position us in front of it. 

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You become unstoppable, not because of your choice alone. It’s primarily because of what God has begun doing in your life. Prayer activates God’s plan in your life! 

And, when God starts doing something, no one can stop God. Since nothing or no one can alter God’s plan for your life, you become unstoppable. Through prayer, you learn to listen to God. You also can get a sense of clarity, as a result of God’s presence in your life. With God in your life, as your best friend, you’ll know what direction to take in life. You’ll have a sense of clarity about every step to take as you move forward. When you have God with you, who can stop you? What can break you? You may be hurt, for being human, but nothing or no one will ever be able to separate you from God’s love (Romans 8: 31-19).

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Bringing it together

What are you waiting for now? If you want to be a winner, unstoppable and an achiever, start praying today. Talk to God, seek God’s face and knock on the door. God will answer your prayers in God’s timing, and you’ll be able to experience victory and find strength in your weaknesses. 

I want to learn from you about what prayer means for you. How does prayer help you in life? Please, share in the comment box below.

Emmanuel T Naweji
Emmanuel Naweji is a husband and father. He has been a Christian since when he was a teenager. His passion is to help people find clarity and gain confidence to succeed at everything they do in life. He fulfills his passion and calling as a Pastor, Coach, Speaker, and Blogger.