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Palm Sunday: God’s Kingdom Is Here4 min read

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You may probably have heard of ”God’s Kingdom.”

In what we know of as the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus mentioned the phrase, “Thy Kingdom come.”

He is praying, just as is teaching us to pray, that God’s Kingdom comes on earth as it is in Heaven.

But, what does that mean? Does it say that God will take over on earth? Will God come and get rid of all our presidents, kings and rulers?

Palm Sunday, a traditional practice the Church has for many years, is an example we could use to understand what God’s Kingdom is all about.

This tradition comes out of what we know of as Jesus’ triumphal entrance, which you find in all four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

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Even though Jesus’ triumphal entrance story comes out of four different sources, it still points out to one primary thing: Jesus is King.

Jesus, being King, makes Him the only demonstration of God’s Kingdom here on earth. And, that’s what we learn from Mark 11: 1-11. You also find the same story in Matthew 21: 1-17, Luke 19: 29-46 and John 12: 12-19.

There are three things we can learn from the story, which have to do with God’s Kingdom.

God’s Kingdom is about a place

Jesus processed into Jerusalem; a place. But, why Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is a place where the temple was, which made the city so important in the Jewish tradition.

The temple is God’s dwelling place. Every Jew, in her lifetime at least, should get a chance to worship in Jerusalem. And, Palm Sunday (coinciding with a few days before the Passover meal) is about the time most people would go to Jerusalem.

So, when Jesus came to Jerusalem, according to the four gospels, it was at a time when there were so many people in town. Most of them go there to cleanse themselves as a way of preparing for the festival.

But, Jesus was processing into Jerusalem not to go and worship in the temple like the other Jews in this season. Jesus is the Passover Meal (see 1 Corinthians 5: 7). So, He didn’t have to cleanse Himself for that because He already is it.

Even, the idea of the temple where all cleaning and worship had to take place, has a new meaning through Jesus as our King.

Once Jesus said that the kind of worshippers the Father needs is those who worship in truth and spirit (read John 4: 24).

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God’s Kingdom is visual

God’s Kingdom is not only private matter. Even though it starts in your heart, the place where Jesus processes in, God’s presence in your life shows.

That’s the reason why Jesus did not enter Jerusalem at night. He chose to walk into Jerusalem as people were preparing for Jewish festivals. There were Jews from all over Israel and even other parts of the world.

Jesus wants God’s Kingdom to be seen to all. That means you and I have to show it.

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That’s also why Jesus wanted us to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Matthew 5: 13-16). He added saying that for light to be seen, the lamp (you and I) needs to be put on the table, not under it.

Your life is like a donkey Jesus rode on, and God’s Kingdom becomes visible when we let Jesus into our hearts.

In other words, we have to put all our palm branches and blankets (and jackets, etc.) on the ground. We let Jesus walk on everything that used to be ours.

Doing so means we empty ourselves entirely and allow Jesus to fill us with His Presence through the Holy Spirit.

When we do that, then people around us can see God’s Kingdom.

God’s Kingdom is about a personal transformation

God’s Kingdom is about personal transformation. Witnessing starts with what you experience as you let Jesus process into your heart.

Your life (and your heart) is the place or the temple where Jesus wants to be. Allowing Him to enter Jerusalem (and the temple) God’s Kingdom establishes itself in you.

As a result, your life is no longer the same. Your life is under the leadership of a new King and Lord, Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit in you gives you all that you need to be an extension of God’s Kingdom here on earth. The Lord’s prayer becomes so real because God makes God’s Kingdom so tangible to you and the people in your life.

Bringing it together

Palm Sunday is about God’s Kingdom. It’s also a reminder that you’re the physical extension of this Kingdom in your everyday living. Everywhere you are, God intends that people see Jesus Christ through you. 

What do you understand God’s Kingdom to be according to you? How do you think you could show it to people in your daily living? I want to learn from you. Please, leave your comment in the box below. 



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