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Five Pillars of Christian Character5 min read

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Character is the only thing that defines who you are in life! 

I came across this statement online: 

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s chracter, give him power. Abraham Lincoln. 

Therefore, character is this quality about a person that allows other people to see who you truly are. It’s not something you can always.

Your character (or who you truly are) will come out, one way or another.

What about Christians? What should our character be made of?

Character for Christians is key to how we want the people around us to think of Church and the Christian faith.

What we read in the New Testament about the Christian movement came out of the kind of character Jesus’ disciples, in the first century, had.

Out of that character, the movement rapidly grew, in spite of everything else society did to shut it down.

So, if the kind of character, the first century-Church had, helped the Christian movement grow and spread, what can we learn and use in the twenty-first century?

There are a lot of Scriptures that talk about character for Christians. I will not go through all of them.

However, I will share with you five pillars that come out of Scripture, which should define our character as Christians.

Be a true disciple of Jesus Christ

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ changes us in and out.

Five things you should know about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus:

  • A disciple follows Jesus and walks into His steps.
  • A disciple waits on God in prayer.
  • A disciple goes with God.
  • A disciple talks about God.
  • A disciple risks for God.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is a way of life that shapes your character and gives you the following:

  • You focus on a much greater purpose.
  • You are resilient.
  • You serve others.
  • You know your priorities.

Embrace God-ly Values

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ helps you embrace values that are Bible-based. 

God sees a lot of worth in you. It’s that worth, which shapes your value and usefulness. 

Two things you should keep in mind though when it comes to self-worth and usefulness: 

  • How you align yourself with God. 
  • How you let God re-create you into who God wants you to be for each season in your life. 

God-ly values are qualities God imparts in you.Click To Tweet

I look at them as the five core values that can make you a change agent

  • Self-worth. 
  • Self-perception. 
  • Self-talk.
  • Self-confidence. 
  • Self-discipline. 

These core values don’t only help you make greater impacts, but also shape your character. 

They help you stand out as:  

  • An encourager. 
  • A person who inspires hope. 
  • A servant. 
  • A role model. 

Be grateful

Gratefulness isn’t only something we do. It’s more of a state of mind. 

Read these verses: 

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 

Rejoicing, praying and giving thanks in all circumstances aren’t only tasks we’ve got to do. They are God’s will for us all. 

Choosing to be grateful helps you with the following four benefits: 

Be trustworthy

Trust is the foundation of all relationships: personal, professional, and so forth. It’s also a determining factor whether any form of relationship will succeed or not. 

We often want people to trust us. Don’t we? 

But, the reality is that trust comes out of we choosing first to show that we trust others. 

Being trustworthy therefore starts with the choice to let people know we trust them. And, we can do it in several ways. 

  • Say it to them more than once. 
  • Show it by making it a part of your family, organization or Church. You can do through systems or ways you share information and resources within your Church or organization. 

Characteristics of trustworthy people: 

  • They walk in integrity (Proverbs 28: 6). 
  • They walk securely (Proverbs 10: 9). 
  • They acknowledge God in all their ways and aren’t ashamed of their trust in God (2 Timothy 1: 12). 
  • They are models of good works and in their teaching (Titus 2: 7). 

Be a good citizen

Lastly, good Christian character means being a good citizen. I love how The Message says it in Romans 13: 1, 

Be a good citizen. All governments are under God. Insofar as there is peace and order, it’s God’s order. So live responsibly as a citizen. 

Being a good citizen implies the following: 

  • Where you’re located: city, county, state, country, and the world. 
  • Season in which you are right now. 
  • People around you as well as those in any leadership role wherever you’re located. 
  • Your role as a citizen of the city, county, state, country and the world. 

Paul adds, based on Romans 13 say that we, as Christians and good citizens, ought to live responsibly.  

What does it mean? 

It means three things: 

  • First, God is the One who placed you wherever you may be in this season of your life. 
  • Second, know that your welfare depends on the welfare of the land where you live (Jeremy 29: 7). 
  • Third, seek God’s peace on the land and its prosperity (Jeremy 29: 7). You do it both as God’s ambassador since you’re a citizen in God’s Kingdom (Philippians 3: 20, 21). 

In summary

Christian character defines how people see us. It’s how people see us that they can either decide to join us and also believe in Jesus Christ as we do or not. When we choose to work on ourselves, as Christians, and develop the kind of character Christians, in the first century had, our Churches (community of believers) will thrive just as did the early Church. 

Emmanuel T Naweji
Emmanuel Naweji is a husband and father. He has been a Christian since when he was a teenager. His passion is to help you discover your voice (and story) so that you can boldly live with clarity. He fulfills his passion and calling as a Pastor, Coach, Speaker, and Blogger.