I’m Emmanuel Naweji

Pastor, Blogger,

Speaker, Coach, Author


I’m Emmanuel Naweji

Pastor, Blogger, Coach and Teacher

Emmanuel Naweji


About Me

Hello, I am Emmanuel Naweji.

My passion is to help people, just like you, discover their personal life story and lead with clarity as a Christian. 

I do it as a Pastor, Blogger, Coach, Speaker and Author.

Basic information

Personal Details


Location: Iowa, U.S.A.



I’m Good At…

Church Ministry​​​​​​​

I’ve been a Pastor (full time) since 2008. I have served Churches with over 1,000 members here in the U.S. But, my Christian life goes back to when I was a teenager. I have led lots of people to encounter Jesus Christ and make Him their personal Lord and Savior..

Your Personal Growth Corner - Emmanuel Naweji


I started blogging in 2009. I am currently helping senior citizens learn how to blog on my free time. In addition to Blogging, I’m also very active on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.


I have training as a professional coach. I coach people in the areas of finding clarity about who they are who they can become, gaining confidence and establishing balance, as well as as they can succeed in life. 

Emmanuel Naweji


I have been teaching via video online for some time. I have also done it in person with Churches around the area of being present on Social media and the incorporation of technology into ministry. With my Ph. D. in Christian Counseling, I combine healing, renewal of the mind and self-awareness with coaching and Pastoral ministry. 

MY skills

Technical Skill Levels






Other details about me


I fluently speak three international languages: English, French and Swahili. 

I also know Lingala, and a little bit of Shona (from Zimbabwe). 

Places Where I have lived

I was born in Namur (Belgium). I grew up and was raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

I have lived in Zambia (for a short time) and in Zimbabwe (for four years) prior to immigrating to the United States. 

MY experience

Work Experience




I am an ordained Pastor in the United Methodist Church serving in Iowa since 2008. 

I’ve experience serving as a Pastor in both urban and rural Church ministry contexts. 

I’ve served Churches with memberships ranging from 80 to 1,700. 

2009 – PRESENT



I blog and write at I have been blogging and writing since 2009. 

Topics I write on include: leadership, influence, productivity, spirituality (in the Christian faith), and more. 

2010 – PRESENT


Online/In Person

I have been teaching online mostly through my blog. I have also taught and spoken at workshops on a variety of topics: Church organization, polity and leadership, social media in Church ministry, etc. 

I’ve coached graduating seniors in schools around developing mission statements and life plan. 


My Studies

SEPT 2016 – JUNE 2018 (pending)

Ph. D. in Christian Counseling

Newburgh Theological Seminary / Indiana

My thesis is: “Renewal of the Human Mind – A Path to Personal Healing.”  

JANUARY 2017 – JUNE 2017

Professional Coaching

Coaching Choice College / Oregon

The training was online and accelerated. The following are the skills I acquired following the training: core competencies in professional coaching, how to become a Social Entrepreneur, wellness and prevention, guideposts in coaching, how to development new choices, beyond problem solving to growth assessment and evaluation, andhow to integrate wellness into coaching. 

SEPT 2012 – MAY 2016

Doctor of Ministry

University of Dubuque / Dubuque

My thesis was “The Methodist Ministry from the Congo to the United States: A Vision for Renewal in American United Methodist Ministry.” 

SEPT 2005 – MAY 2008

Master of Divinity

Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary / Evanston (Chicago)

This is a Master of Divinity degree that prepared me for pastoral ministry here in the U.S. All classes were general courses around Church history, Theology, Biblical studies, Worship, Christian counseling and Pastoral ministry.  

SEPT 2001 – MAY 2005

B. Sc.  in Agriculture & Business

Africa University / Mutare (Zimbabwe, Africa)

For my Bachelor’s, I worked on Agriculture and Business in Zimbabwe. 

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+1 515 884 8727


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