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Why Self-Discipline Is Important For You


We all need self-discipline! There are several reasons why you need self-discipline. But, in this post, I will talk about five reasons why we should be self-disciplined.

Before delving into these reasons why we need self-discipline, let me point out that discipline has to do with a choice of living in a given way.

It is this lifestyle of our choice that will dictate, and pretty much shape our self-discipline, which also means willpower.

As of me, my lifestyle comes out of the model that the Bible offers us: love God and love neighbor

So, I use Scripture (the Bible) to help shape my inner strength or willpower. And, as a disciple of Jesus Christ, I daily train myself to walk in the steps of my Master, Jesus Christ. 

Self-discipline helps you with character-building

Your character is what describes your personality and identity. Click To Tweet Your character reflects who you truly are in private or in public.

It is the image you have for yourself, and which you want others to have about you. Your character also shapes your temper and ethos. Click To Tweet

Self-discipline is grounded in the clarity you have about yourself and who you would like to be in life. The image you want for yourself is what defines your everyday living and shape your conduct in private or public. 

Self-discipline helps you with perseverance

Character provides you with the kind of attitudes you need to face any tough times. Click To Tweet 

Good character builds you up to go through any difficult period without losing it. 

Self-discipline, which has shaped your character, also helps you endure rough situations in life. In the process, you will be able to accomplish much of what you want to do in life. 

Endurance will be an attitude you will gain from self-discipline. The idea of giving up will never be an option for you, as a result. 

Self-discipline helps you master your feelings and emotions

Self-discipline helps you master your own emotions and feelings. Click To Tweet Through self-discipline, you become more aware of your feelings and emotions. You also learn how to master and control them. 

You, therefore, master of your feelings and emotions. It is such a good thing, which will help you decide how your life should go. You will eventually be able to care for yourself.

Self-discipline helps you focus

You have good character and can control your feelings and emotions; it becomes easier to focus. 

The reason is that you know what to do, when, how and why. 

Self-discipline helps you with clarity. It results from knowing the kind of image (identity) you want to have for yourself as well as how you would want to people to think of you.

In other words, who you are in public matches with who you are in private. Also, what you say or think you are is who you are in your everyday living.  

Self-discipline helps you learn how to best relate to people

Your relationship depends on your 1) character, 2)self-image and 3)mastery of your feelings and emotions. Self-discipline, as pointed above, helps you with all that. 

Once you are self-disciplined, not only you can control your own emotions and feelings, you will also be able to control those of other people. 

Healthy relationships are grounded in the awareness of each other’s feelings and emotions. People in these relationships feel that their feelings and emotions are noticed and acknowledged.

Bringing it together

Self-discipline will help you be clear about who you are and always want to be. It also helps you master your own emotions and feelings, as well as those of other people. Self-discipline equips you to best relate to people you currently have in life and even the ones you will meet in the future.    

Emmanuel T Naweji
Emmanuel Naweji is a husband and father. He has been a Christian since when he was a teenager. His passion is to help people find clarity and gain confidence to succeed at everything they do in life. He fulfills his passion and calling as a Pastor, Coach, Speaker, and Blogger.