The Exodus Narrative: Hope and Victory – Part Two

Is There Hope for Me? - Emmanuel Naweji

Exodus is a book of hope and victory! It is a narrative about how the people of Israel found hope. It’s also about how they experienced victory over their oppressors. How do we experience hope and triumph over what’s oppressing us? We’ll use Exodus 12 to help us with that. Let’s begin by looking first […]

The Exodus Narrative: Hope and Victory – Part One

I Don’t Think I Can Do It!

I Don't Think I Can Do It - Emmanuel Naweji

Imagine being in front of such a great opportunity you’ve always wanted to have in life. But, deep in you, you wonder: “I don’t think I can do it.”I have been in situations like that many times, by the way.Today, we’re looking at someone who was also in a similar situation. This man’s name is […]

Be Generous

The Fifth Attitude Every Christian Should Have

Be Generous - Emmanuel Naweji

The world today is in such a great need. Think for instance of the damages Hurricane Harvey has done. In addition to the loss of humans and animals, the total loss this natural disaster leaves behind is estimated to over 100 billion dollars. And, it is still climbing. Now, imagine you go some place. When, you come […]

Be Hospitable

The Fourth Attitude Every Christian Should Have

Be Hospitable - Emmanuel Naweji

Hospitality is the fourth attitude every Christian should have in addition to humility, happiness, and love. I would even say it is an attitude that all humans should have.   A good example of how we show hospitality in our lives is when we have people come to our homes. At a time of new […]

Three Reasons To Love One Another

The Third Attitude Every Christian Should Have

Three Reasons Why You Should Love Others - Emmanuel Naweji

There are three reasons why you should love others. The third attitude every should save is “love,” after “humility” and “happiness.” This post is a continuation of the series, 5 Attitudes every Christian should have. Love is the third attitude every should have after “humility” and “happiness.” But, showing love isn’t just an easy task? […]