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Living Fearlessly in a Dangerous World

By Emmanuel T Naweji / a day ago

As a parent, and a Christian, I’m concerned about what’s happening in the world today, following the latest school shooting in Florida. I bet you are too. Whether you have your own kids in school or not, the world is becoming more dangerous than ever. Just this year, and we’re only two months in, there have been […]


Who God Wants You To Become

By Emmanuel T Naweji / last week

“Who you could become” is the second in the two­-part sermon series. Read the previous one here. To refresh your memory, what you should know about “who you are” is one thing. God is the One who says “who you are.” Don’t let anyone or anything say who you should be. The reason is that […]


You Are Who God Says You Are

By Emmanuel T Naweji / a couple of weeks ago

You are who God says that you are! In this post, we’ll discover not only who we are, but how the Bible can help you find out who you truly are, as a person. Next week, we will look at what more we can become after discovering our true “selves” in Christ.  The Scripture that […]

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