Be Hospitable

The Fourth Attitude Every Christian Should Have

Be Hospitable - Emmanuel Naweji

Hospitality is the fourth attitude every Christian should have in addition to humility, happiness, and love. I would even say it is an attitude that all humans should have.   A good example of how we show hospitality in our lives is when we have people come to our homes. At a time of new […]

3 Values Organizations Can Learn from the Book of Genesis

The Book of Genesis: God's Story, Our Story

3 Values Any Organizations Can Learn from the Book of Genesis - Emmanuel Naweji

There are three values, in the book of Genesis, that I’ve found very helpful for organizations that would like to thrive. I’ll focus on a few places in this book, and especially on Abraham as well as chapters one, two and three. What I’m sharing with you is the fourth in the series in our […]

Why Self-Discipline Is Important For You

5 Reasons Why You Need Self-Discipline

Why You Need Self-Discipline - Emmanuel Naweji

We all need self-discipline! There are several reasons why you need self-discipline. But, in this post, I will talk about five reasons why we should be self-disciplined. Before delving into these reasons why we need self-discipline, let me point out that discipline has to do with a choice of living in a given way. It is this lifestyle […]

5 Things You Should Know About Your Calling

Finding Your Calling

5 Things You Should Know About Your Calling - Emmanuel Naweji

Perhaps, a starting point could be about answering this question: What’s your calling in life? This is a question you probably also ask yourself at times.  Reflecting on calling in life came up during a trip I had with my daughters to Moline, IL. It was over a 5-hour drive. The girls had their iPods […]