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You Can Conquer Darkness in Your Life


You can conquer darkness in your life!

The book of Genesis can help us with that. This comes form a new series of sermons for the 5 coming weeks. So, you’ll hear from me every week as we study the book of Genesis.  

We will not study the entire book, but a few verses that have come to define God’s story, which has now become our story too. 

Here’s what we will use as the foundation for our reflection: 

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Genesis 1: 1-3, ESV.

What the Beginning Looked like Before Creation

Two things that describe what the beginning looked like before creation:

  1. The Earth was a formless void.
  2. Darkness covered the face of the deep.

Let’s talk a little bit about earth and what it stands for today.

The word Earth, based on its translation from Hebrew, has to do with the following:

  • Creation, heavenly body, nature and cosmos (the entire universe).
  • Everybody, everyone, people, population and humankind.
  • Times, eras, periods, ages and life.
  • Way of life, existence, reality and experience.

The state of everything before God’s creation is that of a formless void, based on Genesis 1.

The earth (including all of the above representations of the word earth) was a formless void.

Applying that truth to our current situations in life, we could say that if God does not do anything for us:

  • Life becomes a formless void.
  • Our ways of life (lifestyle) are a formless void.
  • Our reality of everything is a formless void.
  • Our existence is a formless void.
  • …. (add anything here you can think of) is a formless void.

The second element that described what the beginning looked like before God’s creation is darkness.

According to our Scripture, “darkness was over the face of the deep.”

But, it was not supposed to be that way. The reason is that if it was to be so, God would have never decided to created the universe. 

The reality before God’s creation is that darkness covering the face of the deep meant that darkness has all the power and control over everything.

That’s not what God had in mind for the universe, especially for humankind that you and I are.

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Here’s what happens when Darkness has control and power over us:

  • There is lack of the following:
    • Light. This is key to everything about us and our surroundings. It is the source of life and all the blessings that come with life.
    • Enlightenment and openness. With no openness or enlightenment, there is no way we can grow as a people: emotionally and spiritually.
    • Happiness (or Joy). This is the driving force we need to love God, people and nature.
    • Clarity. We have no direction and sense of where we should be in life.
  • There is ignorance.

God is Ever Present!

Here’s what Genesis says while darkness was in control over the deep: “And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Genesis 1: 2b. ESV.

In another Bible translation, it reads as: “a wind from God swept over the face of the water” NRSV.

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Darkness may be all over you and in most areas of your life, but God’s Spirit is still hovering over the face of whatever you’re facing.

The second news is what we read in Genesis 1: 3, And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

The First Creature God Made is Light!

Light is the only power we need to control darkness in life. 

You notice that God did not completely eliminate darkness from existence.

Here is why:

  • You do not need Light if you have no darkness.
  • You need darkness to appreciate Light.
  • Light and darkness helped create time as we know it in the form of day and night.

Light gives life. 

Light is the first creation God made first because of the reasons we’ve already highlighted:

  • You do not need Light if you have no darkness.
  • You need darkness to appreciate Light.
  • Light and darkness helped create time as we know if in the form of day and night.

More importantly, Light gives Life.

With the creation of day and night on the first day of creation (Genesis 1: 5), everything else we now have comes out of that.

Light sustains all life!

  • Plants and trees need light for growth and bearing fruit.
  • Birds need seasons to know when and where to go. Seasons are elements of time.

The five things one experiences as a result of darkness can be turned into something good.

You can conquer darkness in your life

First, believe that God is Ever-Present. Believe that God’s Light is available for everyone.

Next, acknowledge the need for God and God’s Light in your life.

Lastly, choose to do something about it by inviting God’s Light in those dark areas in your life.

Two things you can do now. Listen to the full audio sermon. Share this with someone who has personal struggles and needs God’s light to conquer darkness. 

Emmanuel T Naweji
Emmanuel Naweji is a husband and father. He has been a Christian since when he was a teenager. His passion is to help people find clarity and gain confidence to succeed at everything they do in life. He fulfills his passion and calling as a Pastor, Coach, Speaker, and Blogger.