The Greatest Asset You Need in Life

3 Reasons Why You Need Wisdom

The Greatest Asset You Need in Life - Emmanuel Naweji

What’s the greatest asset you can think of in life? Of course, obvious answers to the above question could include things such as: money, investments, stocks, pension, house, etc.  All of the above could be described as fruit of the greatest asset you need in life: wisdom.  Let me tell you why I think that […]

What Is God’s Calling In Your Life

From the series, Christ Is Risen: SO WHAT?

What is God's Calling in Your Life? - Emmanuel Naweji

Every one of us has a calling in life! This is another in the series, Christ is Risen: SO WHAT?  Also, this post draws on two of my previous reflections on life calling, what is God’s calling in life and 5 things you should know about your calling. The foundation for our calling The foundation for […]

What Do You Have To Show?

A Reflection On The 2017 Annual Conference

Bishop Laurie - Iowa Annual Conference 2017- Emmanuel Naweji

What do you have to show?  It’s a question that stuck with me throughout the entire Iowa Annual Conference. In case you do not know what I’m talking about here, let me briefly tell you what this means. The Iowa Annual Conference is an annual gathering of all clergy (active and retired) and lay delegates […]

Why Self-Discipline Is Important For You

5 Reasons Why You Need Self-Discipline

Why You Need Self-Discipline - Emmanuel Naweji

We all need self-discipline! There are several reasons why you need self-discipline. But, in this post, I will talk about 5 reasons why we should be self-disciplined. Before delving into these reasons why we need self-discipline, let me point out that discipline has to do with a choice for living in a given way. It is this lifestyle […]

God Has A Very Unique Plan For You!

From The Series, "Christ Is Risen: SO WHAT?"

God Has A Unique Plan For You - Emmanuel Naweji

God has a plan for you! In order for you to get a better sense of what I’m talking about here, you’ll need to take a look at two of my previous posts in this series: Biblical Understanding of God’s Promises and How to Wait on God’s Promises. All these posts come from my book, […]

How To Wait On God’s Promises

Second in the Series, Christ is Risen: SO WHAT?

How To Wait On God's Promises - Emmanuel Naweji

How to wait on God’s Promise is the second in our series, Christ is Risen: SO WHAT?  In case you’ve missed the first one, you can read it here. Three things we talked about, which are:  God is dependable.  God accomplishes His promises through a covenant relationship.  God’s promises are received through faith and require obedience […]

How To Experience God’s Promises In Life

How We Can Experience God's Promises - Emmanuel Naweji

How do we become able to experience God’s promises in life?  The experience of God’s promises is grounded in Who God truly is and capable of doing. So, let’s first look at what a promise represents.  A promise establishes some ground for hope and future.  A promise means an undertaking to do something.  A promise means […]